Categories: Cannabis 101


Categories: Cannabis 101


What Is Cannabis? An overview of cannabis, including:

  • Cannabis Plant Overview, including Origins of Cannabis, Cannabis Cultivars, Cannabis Strains, Descriptions
    of Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, Hybrids, Cannabis Seeds, and Hemp Fiber
  • The Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp
  • Structure, Life Cycle, and Reproduction System of Cannabis Plants

Components of Cannabis
A look at compounds in cannabis like THC, CBD, and terpenes that can have an impact on patients, including:

  • Primary Chemical Compounds in Cannabis, including Terpenes and Cannabinoids
  • Entourage Effects of Cannabis Components
  • Presence of Terpenes in Cannabis
  • Terpenes and Infections (including MRSA)
  • CBD and THC Interaction and Ratios

Types of Cannabis Products
This lesson breaks down the most common products available at dispensaries. The lesson includes:

  • Differences between Cannabis Products, including Cannabinoid Content, Potency, Activation, Classification based on Strain Names, and Classification Based on Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, Terpene Content
  • CBD:THC Ratio, THC-Dominant Products, and CBD-Dominant Products
  • How Potency is Shown on Labels, including Percentages and Number of Milligrams
  • How to Read Cannabis Product Labels, including Tracking and Regulatory Information, Effects, Cannabinoid Content, Activation Status, Potency, Contaminants, Nutrition Information, and Terpene Content

History of Medical Cannabis
A look at the origins of cannabis as medicine, and how the practice has evolved to meet the needs of modern patients.

The Endocannabinoid System
Information on how the body’s endocannabinoid system reacts with cannabinoids, and the benefits they can provide.

  • Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System

Qualifying Conditions Treated by Cannabis
Information on the various qualifying conditions and the types of products used to treat the varying conditions.

Administering Cannabis
Learn the various ways to consume cannabis and to determine your perfect dose. Includes:

  • Cannabis Administration Methods, including Ingestion, Inhalation, Sublingual, Buccal, Intraoral, Transdermals, Topicals, and Suppositories
  • Finding the Right Cannabis Dose, including Genetic Testing, DNA Tests, Titration for New and Experienced Users
  • Cannabis Sensitization Protocol and Cannabis Abstinence to Reduce Tolerance
  • Avoiding the Negative Side Effects of Cannabis

Relevant State Laws Respecting Medical Cannabis
Learn who is authorized to possess medical cannabis and how much. Includes discussion of where patients can medicate.

Storing Medical Cannabis
Learn how to store medical cannabis so that it remains at its most effective, including temperature, location, and whether it is advisable to remove it from original packaging (it is not).

Anyway to take out the second panel below with the leaf description. Since no flower in the program I am ok with this but don’t want weed leaves on this.


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